We offer consulting and development for:
  • Smalltalk (MT,VA,VSE,VW,Dolphin) on Windows platforms.
  • GemStone/S (Smalltalk) for Windows and Unix
  • C/C++ design and development
  • Object Oriented Architecture and design
  • SQL Server 2000 design and development
  • Windows architecture and design (we are Microsoft Certified Partners)
  • DirectX 9 applications
  • Geographic information systems including DirectX viewers and SQL Server databases

For example if you have some Smalltalk code that you wish to move to a DLL or COM object so that it can be used by other Windows components. We would port this to Smalltalk MT and build the component.

We can build C/C++ or Smalltalk MT components for use with any Smalltalk.

Our offsite rates are very reasonable. Just send us the work and get back a quality product.

Our onsite rates vary by job description. These include reasonable expenses. Please ask us about rates for the following areas

  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Specialist Development
  • General Development

Please email: or